Baptistery Accessories

Baptistry Accessories & Equipment

At Little Giant®, there is no need to shop around for all the different parts and accessories for your baptistery pool.  We have a complete line of accessories to fit every need for your baptistry.  From auto-fill systems, to drains, to baptistry covers, we can provide you with everything you need.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and let us find it for you.  

Baptistry Covers


If Your Church Leaves Water In Your baptistry . . .

We Feel This Cover Is A Must!

Generally speaking, the thermal blanket will prevent up to 75% of the heat loss from the water into the sanctuary. 

The blanket also prevents evaporated moisture from escaping from the baptistry. 

Another advantage is that the blanket will prevent dust and other foreign matter from entering the baptistry.


Reasons for a Baptistry Cover

  • Prevents moisture rising which could damage paints, pictures, etc.
  • Saves energy and cost of heating
  • Keeps baptistry water cleaner
  • Excellent thermal blanket – Drastically reduces heat loss up to 75% from baptismal water as compared to an uncovered baptistry
  • Light weight floats on water easily removed and rolled for storage
  • Special sizes available – Send size and ask for quotations

Our baptistry cover comes in 5′ wide by whatever length you need.  It is then cut to fit by you to fit your baptistry pool. Our covers are only available in white and are 1/2″ thick. Ask for sample of cover material. Price is per foot.

No. 3000 Water Fill System

Our #3000 system is an automatic fill system only.  It provides the convenience of turning on a light switch and having the baptistry pool start to fill until the desired water height is reached.  It then turns itself off and goes into the heating and circulating mode.

No. 5000 Water Fill System

The #5000 system is a complete turn key kit that provides the auto fill, auto heat, and auto drain processes.  This system comes with everything you need for installation, all you have to do is pick which size heater you want to go with it. 

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