Baptistery Features

Baptistry Features

All Fiberglass Specialties baptisteries are one piece molded fiberglass baptisteries which feature permanent fiberglass construction.

Their fiberglass construction process ensures long lasting use and a molded in color that remains beautiful year after year.  

Fiberglass does not rust, rot or corrode. Colors are molded in with a satin smooth finish that is easily cleaned.

All Fiberglass Specialties Baptistries have a one-piece molded structure without joints or seams. Reinforcements are molded into the unit making it rigid, yet lightweight. Extra wide non-skid steps with gently rounded corners provide added safety.

Fiberglass constructed baptistries are architecturally approved when installed on a suitable base according to accepted specifications.


Tensile Strength – 32,000 Pounds Per Square In.

Molded One-Piece Construction

Non-Skid Steps on Most Models

Plumbing Simplified with Standard Fixtures

Color Molded in Permanently

Easily Installed or Relocated

Competitively Priced with Other Materials

Optional Features:

Custom installed Plexiglas view window

Colors: Blue, aqua green, bone, or white

Automatic control system

Gas or electric heating system

Electric drain, fill, circulating and heating systems

Fill faucet #700

Drain and overflow unit #172

Child step or platform


Suggested Specifications

The baptistery shall consist of layers of quality fiberglass and polyester resins, and sufficiently reinforced to withstand the imposed load when full of water.  The compression strength shall be 38,000 P.S.I. (edgewise), and the tensile strength shall be 32,000 P.S.I.

The interior shall have a smooth, high glass porcelain like Isophthalic gel-coat finish. All corners shall be gently rounded and steps shall have a non-skid surface for safety. The color shall be white, bone, blue, or aqua per the purchasers choosing.


Standard seven-year limited warranty with extended warranties available.