Baptistry Heating

Baptistry Heating Systems

Little Giant offers gas or electric water heaters to accompany our line of fiberglass baptistries. We are the leading provider of industrial and commercial water heating products. 

Our line of water heating products extends to carpet cleaning equipment as well. Read below to learn more about a particular water heating product.

Electric Circulation:

Built upon family values and premium service, Little Giant Manufacturing has over a century of experience serving churches and religious facilities worldwide. For our clients who require permanently placed baptistery heating, Little Giant electric circulation heaters make water-warming efficient, simple and affordable.

No matter what the size, each externally mounted electric circulation heater offers a number of cost-effective benefits, including:

  • High-performance, energy-saving adjustable thermostats
  • Oxidation-resistant, Incoloy steel heating elements
  • Fiberglass insulated designs
  • Range of heater sizes (depending on water volume and temperature requirements)
  • 1/40 HP, 230volt circulation pump (10gpm at one-foot head)
  • 118-degree high-limit switch
  • Fast turnaround and expedited shipping

Electric Immersion:

When you partner with Little Giant Manufacturing, safe, efficient baptistery heating has never been easier. Our company is over a century old, and our loyal customers have come to expect the best in affordable pricing, product quality, and premium warranties. Little Giant heaters are designed with Incoloy alloy stainless steel immersion water heater tanks, and heat is confined to the formed horizontal section for optimum efficiency. In addition, each cold riser extends to the container top—where unit controls are housed.  

Available in 240V- and 120V-designs, Little Giant’s premium electric immersion baptistery heaters come with a range of standard and optional features. They include:

  • Three-conductor cord sets with polarized plugs
  • Pre-wiring for easy installation
  • Stainless steel, easy-mount brackets
  • 125° high-limit switches
  • Money-saving, on-off pilot light switches
  • Adjustable, vapor-proof thermostat controls (available temps of -55°F to 115°F)
  • Flexible, 60-inch power cords
  • Stationary, easy-to-use cleaning modes

Gas Heating:

Little Giant is proud to offer the only gas baptistry heater on the market today.  We have been manufacturing these heaters since 1904, so they are time tested and time proven.  These heaters are made of copper coils and are designed to be used on a closed loop recirculation system.  Our gas baptistry heaters have the capability of heating a 1000 gallon baptistry pool by 30 degrees in a little over three hours. 

We offer our gas baptistry heaters in two different btu ratings, 65,000btu and 120,000btu.  With the use of our circulation pump, they can be installed in the most convenient location, and the plumbing routed to the baptistry.  These gas baptistry heaters will, and can last you more than 20 years with minimal upkeep.  For the fastest and most economical way of heating, our gas baptistries heaters are the best choice.