Large Steeples (40ft+)

Large Steeples (40ft+)

A century-old company built upon family values, Little Giant distributes beautiful, affordable fiberglass steeples to accent church buildings around the country. Our steeples are available in a variety of large sizes, including styles over 40 feet in height. 


  • Steeples over 40 feet come with many valuable features, including:
  • Strong, low-styrene gel coats that retain color and resist UV-ray damage
  • Architecturally correct styles to suit your building
  • Range of finish colors, including white, off-white, bronze and copper
  • Low-maintenance construction with bolt-together connections
  • Collar-to-collar fit and weather-resistant seal
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyester wall
  • Customizable options, including crosses, louvers and weathervanes

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing facility or constructing a new church, cathedral or basilica, Little Giant’s qualified staff can help you select a steeple that complements the building’s look and specifications. 

Since each steeple is coated in an environmentally friendly, exterior gel that resists peeling and cracking, your future maintenance costs are minimized..