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It is recommended you drain your baptistry after each use because:

  1. It can create a safety hazard
  2. Increased humidity can have a negative effect on electronics, lightning equipment, or metal objects in the general area.
  3. The baptistry water needs to be sanitized & cleaned.

If you decide to keep your baptistry filled then we would suggest:

  1. Control access to the pool to reduce risk to children.
  2. Like a pool water can develop algae, and/or dangerous bacteria that can be harmful.  Regularly have your water tested as you would a spa, or swimming pool.

If you plan on draining your baptistry after each use:

  1. To prevent buildup of bacteria try not to leave water in a baptistry for more than 48-72 hours.
  2. After draining allow to dry for at least a week after each use.
  3. Once or twice a year it is suggested to clean your baptistry with a fiberglass cleaner, and wax it using a non-abrasive auto wax or boat wax. Failure to do so can cause problems with decomposition of the resins used in the fiberglass, and may be considered misuse, thus voiding any factory warranties.

Pool chemicals are not generally safe for baptistries, but spa chemicals may be safe as long as the manufacturer has approved their use with fiberglass.

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Fiberglass Double Entry Church Baptistry 9-A w/ Optional Window


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**When ordering a window on a single entry baptistry please specify entry during checkout**

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