Important Information

Steeple Installation is performed by Steeple Erectors, LLC.
Please note: Class 2 is required when the building and steeple are 75′ tall or higher
All steeples priced with optional K-glass is for stock colors: 13-A multi-color, Blue, Clear, Rose Mauve, Light Charcoal, and Red
Krinkglass is available for most steeples in place of louvers: Additional colors available upon request. Please call for pricing
Steeple installation on a roof pitch of 10/12 and over will require an additional $325 for installation.
Steeple installation on a metal roof will require an additional $425 for installation.
Steeple removal: Priced upon request
Additional Options for Steeples:
Interior Light $180
Roundel $135/ea
22″ Round Open Louvers with Screen $205/ea
Key Block w/ Both k-glass and Muntins (K-glass in stock coolor)) $250/ea
Additional Ground Cable $3.52/ft
Additional Ground Cable Class 2 $7.02/ft

Fiberglass Church Steeple 19ft 9in Model S 240

Steeples are built to order. 

Shipping is quoted per order so please contact us directly to complete your order at

From: $5,870.00

K-Glass included

Shingle Saver - Medium

Temporarily unavailable

Shingle Saver Installation - Small

Temporarily unavailable

Steeple Installation Medium

Temporarily unavailable

Steeple Cross

Temporarily unavailable

Lightning Protection (Class 1, Building & Steeple Under 75' Tall)

Temporarily unavailable

Steeple Ball

Temporarily unavailable

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