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Fiberglass Church Steeple 30ft 6in Model S 420


Little Giant, Inc. is the world’s leading fiberglass product supplier.  We can match, and beat any price!!

Fiberglass products are shipped via 18 wheeler.

Freight will be calculated after purchase, and an additional charge for freight must be charged before products can ship.

Our fiberglass Steeples are molded-in Polyester Gelcoat finish specially designed for severe weathering conditions.

Molded Fiberglass up to 1/4″ thick. Laminated and reinforced for strength and durability.

Please have the following information ready when ordering:

  1. Roof Pitch on all steeple orders. Signed approval form if pitch is cut.
  2. Material roof is made of. Is there a loft?
  3. Picture or sketch of church; front and side view.
  4. At least two contacts with day & evening phone numbers.