Fiberglass Domes

Fiberglass Domes

Little Giant is proud to offer FS’s new line of fiberglass domes to our lineup of fiberglass products.  Using the highest quality materials, our domes are built to ensure they are long lasting and have the highest strength and durability.

Built Strong:

Each Fiberglass Specialties

domes are constructed using the

highest quality materials to

insure our fiberglass domes

have the maximum strength

and durability.

Savings To You:

Fiberglass Specialties domes are made with specially formulated gel coats for exterior applications. Our low styrene extra hard gel coats maintain their color and resist hailstones. The gel coats we use are an integral part of the laminate so it won’t crack and peel off like painted surfaces. Our “Armor Flex” gel coats are extremely resistant to the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays. All of this together means decreased maintenance cost to you over the life of the dome.

Easy Installation:

Each Fiberglass Specialties dome is shipped fully assembled or in the largest shipping configuration possible. If the dome requires assembly it is easy to do on the ground using a factory supplied kit. The dome can then be lifted and set in to place as a single unit.