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Worlds leading manufacturer of baptistry water heaters, and industrial carpet cleaning water heating systems.

Supplier of world leading fiberglass baptistries, steeples, copulas, crosses, and more.

Fiberglass Church Products


Little Giant® carries one of the largest selection of fiberglass baptisteries on the market.  Every baptistery we carry is built for safety, and comfort.


Constructed with tubular steel, our fiberglass steeples are built for strength, and durability.  We carry a wide variety of architectural styles to meet any application.


 When FSI set out to design a safer fiberglass baptistry we did not want to overly increase the size of the tanks which would have required the customer to have a larger opening for installation, and require more water to fill.

In order to achieve our goal we designed each fiberglass baptistery with steps that flow into the tank area.

This allowed the maximum use of available space with minimal waste.

The result conserves water, and reduces costs associated with heating the water.

It also provides an integrated child’s step within the tank.

Water Heating Products

Baptistry Heating

Our electric immersion baptistry heaters are specially designed for low-cost electric heating of baptistery water by re-circulating the water through the electric immersion heater to provide an evenly controlled termperature throughout your baptistry.

Carpet Cleaning

Little Giant®’s Hotomatic® gas water heaters produce instantaneous hot water heating for equipment used in carpet cleaning, and many other commercial applications.

Little giant®

World leader in fiberglass church products

and commercial water heating products