Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Systems

Our company’s success began in 1921 when we invented and patented the first instantaneous gas water heater.

Today, companies around the U.S. trust Little Giant Hotomatic® Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Heaters for high-performance water heating that’s portable, low-maintenance and affordable.

Gas Carpet Cleaning:

In 1927, W. E. McCorquodale invented and was granted a patent on the first thermostatically-controlled instantaneous gas water heater. He called the device the “Hotomatic.”

Today, Little Giant has taken his original ideas and improved on the design to offer a dependable, reliable, and long lasting water heater for the carpet cleaning industry. Using today’s technology and the original ideas of Mr. McCorquodale, we manufacture a heater that rivals any exhaust heat exchanger on the market, at half the cost.

We offer btu ratings from 65,000 to 180,000 for even the largest systems. We also offer pressure ranges from 600psi to 2200psi for tile and grout cleaning. Our three models, the #2HT, #3HT, and #4HT are designed to cover all areas of carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning.  We now are offering extreme high pressure models in the #3HTXP and #4HTXP to cover everything else.

Portable Carpet Cleaning:

We are proud to offer the #2 and #3 Little Giant Hotomatic heaters in a small compact cart system to reach those inaccessible and hard to reach carpets. These systems are full turn key systems that include a dolley cart, the #2 or #3 heater, gas regulator, pressure relief valve, LP hose, and 20# LP tank. The system also comes with the tank foot and fasteners to attach everything securely to the cart. Everything you need to take your hot water with you.  Not to be used indoors without proper ventilation due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.