Electric Immersion Baptistry Water Heater 1.5kw 120v

Due to material shortages heaters currently have a 6-8 week lead time.



Available as:
110v Single Phase
240v Single Phase

Especially Designed For Easy, Low Cost Installation


The 6HI-HL-240 electric immersion water heating unit is ideally engineered for heating permanent or portable baptistries of all types.  For use in fiberglass, concrete, vinyl, or any design of baptistry.

Construction Features

  • Immersion section of unit made of Incoloy or Stainless Steel, and are bright annealed.
  • All heat confined to the formed horizontal section for optimum heat efficiency.
  • Cold riser extends to the top of container where control housing is located.
  • 3-Conductor cord set with polarized plug included for easy installation and wiring at no extra charge.
  • Adjustable vapor-proof thermostat control with temperature range off – 55°F to 115°F (± 3°).
  • Hi-Limit cut out switch set at 125°F (±4°).
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket also supplied for easy mounting.
  • Pilot light and on-off switch provided, indicates desired temperature when reached and breaks circuit when element is not in use. Saves electricity – Saves money.


  • Completely automatic and portable – just plug in the 60″ Power Cord and operate.
  • No cutting or damage to your present container.
  • Although portable – your container may be cleaned without removing unit.
  • Unit can be suspended in middle, end or side of container.
  • No contractors required on standard 6HI-HL-240(SS6-42HL) Models
  • The 6HI-HL-240 (6KW) will heat 60 GPH (40° R). A 750 to 1,000 gallon Baptistry can be heated in 13 to 17 hours, or one-half this time 20 degree rise in temperature.
  • Heater can be operated on 120 volts, but the wattage power will be reduced to 1500 watts but will only heat 15 GPH (40°R) or 30 GPH (20°R).

UL Listed under File # E234452

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 46 in

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